2 April 2021

Reverse VAT calculator

Backward vat. Reverse mwst calculator. How to calculate the VAT backwards? How to determine the cost and VAT of a total price? How to calculate reverse vat 19% or 7%? What is deduction vat? Calculating VAT the other way round? VAT backwards? How to calculate percentage backwards? Calculate VAT backward, mwst calculator the other way? Here you can find an online calculator to calculate VAT in reverse and deduct VAT.

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Backwards VAT calculator

When calculating reverse VAT, use either multiplication or division.

The typical table for reverse VAT:

19% VAT: Charge 15.97% of the price.
7% VAT: Charge 6.542% of the price.

Calculate reverse VAT

It does not matter whether you use full stops „.“ or commas „,“ as decimal separators in the VAT calculators below. You can enter the values with both dots and commas and still get the correct answer.

ATTENTION! Create a bookmark for this page so that you can find the VAT calculators again!

You can press ENTER / RETURN immediately after the amount to calculate the values. You do not have to click on „Calculate“ with the mouse.

Reverse VAT of 19%

(mwst calculator inverted)

19% VAT: calculate 15.966% of the price (1/6.26331)

Accepted price incl. VAT = 119 Euro.

Calculate price excluding 19% VAT: 119x 0.84034 = 100 Euro

or 119/ 1.19 = 100 Euro

VAT amount at 19% VAT: 119 x 0.15966 = 19 Euro

or 119/ 6.26331 = 19 euros

Inverted VAT of 16%

(reverse vat calculator)

16% VAT: calculate 13.793% of the price (1/7.25)

Accepted price incl. VAT = 116 Euro.

Calculate price excluding 16% VAT: 116 x 0.86207 = 100 euros

or 116 / 1.16 = 100 euros

VAT amount at 16% VAT: 116 x 0.13793 = 16 euros

or 116 / 7.25 = 16 euros

Inverse VAT of 7%

Assumed price incl. VAT = 107 Euro

Calculate price excluding 7% VAT: 107 x 0.93458 = 100 Euro

or 107 / 1.07 = 100 Euro

VAT amount at 7% VAT: 107 x 0,06542 = 7 Euro

or 107 / 15.2857 = 7 Euro

Inverted VAT of 5%

Assumed price incl. VAT = 105 Euro

Calculate price excluding 5% VAT: 105 x 0.95238 = 100 euros

or 105 / 1.05 = 100 euros

VAT amount at 5% VAT: 105 x 0.04762 = 5 euros

or 105 / 21 = 5 Euro

Suppose the price excluding (without) VAT is 100 euros. With 19% VAT, the price is then 119 euros. We can either divide or multiply to get the value or amount we are looking for. Most of the time we only see the multiplication versions, but this is strange because we get exactly the same result if we calculate the VAT backwards. Good to know in case the multiplication key on your calculator has been prematurely retired or similar…

Backward VAT for X%

Sometimes you may need to calculate prices without the German VAT rates. Maybe you work multinationally and need to calculate the price without VAT for branches in neighbouring countries that have different VAT rates. If we are then to calculate with any VAT rate, then we cannot use predefined multiplication numbers or divisions with a special number. To calculate with the general VAT rate X, we have to solve an equation. For example, I use the standard German VAT rate of 19%.

Assumed price incl. VAT = 119 Euro,.

X = 19 (VAT in percent).

Calculate the price without X% VAT: 119 / (1 + (X/100)) =

119 / (1 + (19/100)) =.

119 / (1 + (0,19)) =

119 / (1,19) = 100 Euro

The VAT amount with X% VAT: 119100 = 19 Euro.

Calculate VAT backwards X%

How to calculate the price with VAT?

Here you can calculate the price including VAT

Is there a mobile app for calculating VAT?

Yes, Now I have created apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Now you can download VAT Calculator for free to calculate VAT both forward and backward, whether you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android-based tablet or mobile phone.

Backward VAT App for Mobile:

Returns VAT:

Mobile app for Backward VAT you have here (Android):

VAT Calculator (Backwards) 16%
Backwards VAT Calculator (16%)

VAT Calculator Google Play.

Reverse mwst calculator (5%)
Reverse mwst calculator (5%)

German Backwards VAT calculator
Calculate sales tax backwards with german VAT rate 19%, 16% 7% and 5%.

Calculate sales tax backwards in the App Store (for iOS iPhone / iPad devices) is available here:

Backward VAT Calculator for iPhone
Backward VAT Calculator for iPhone with 16% and 5%.
VAT Calculator Apple App Store - iPhone - iPad.
How do I calculate VAT backwards?

Calculate VAT forwards instead with this mobile app:

VAT Calculator
VAT Calculator

What are the VAT rates in Germany?

Here you can find a description of our VAT rates in Germany and which products and services are included in each VAT rate.

What VAT rates do other EU countries have?

What VAT rates are in other countries in the EU?

Calculate VAT backwards, price without VAT.

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